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Laura Clery, the snapchat-filter queen and digital star with over 5 million followers, delves past her famous characters and into the behind-the-scenes life of Laura. Cohosting with her husband Stephen Hilton, a renowned film composer, the two explore any and all topics and stories. With a few guest appearances from the characters that put Laura Clery on the map.

Jan 29, 2019

If you haven't followed PatD Lucky on Facebook, pause this podcast and go check him out. We loved talking with PatD about all things social media, vid creator behind-the-scenes stuff and well...there was a lot of talk about A-holes...there just was. Enjoy!

-0:00 Intro

-3:36 Muckbang & Eating Naked

-9:45 My two moms

-16:35 Jail-chicken

-25:01 First videos & SMS

-38:33 Trolls

-47:39 An a-hole DM

-58:59 Where's K.O

-1:24:57 Instagram Fan Q's

-1:46:31 Outro

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